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CLASSIC BIKES - Ramiro Estrugo y familia ( Por favor ver todas las paginas)(please click all pages)

Honda Dream 1965 Twin cylider 305 CC
This is a very smooth bike

Esta fue la primera moto de la coleccion, Fue traida de Potosi(muy bien conservada)que es un lugar muy frio y seco en Bolivia
This Honda CA77 was found in Potosi, Bolivia , in a fair condition.
Tech. Spec
Manufacturer  Honda
Model  CA77 Dream
Engine  type  Vertical twin /  overhead cams
Displacement 305 cc  approx 19 cubic inches
Carburator   Keihin
Transmission   Four speed , foot shift, drive  chain
Front suspension  Leading link enclosed coil over shocks
Brakes  front & rear   Drum

The bike on the picture below is a

305 cc version (60.0 x 54.0 mm) gave 28.5 bhp (21.3 kW) @ 9,000 rpm. The 305 Superhawk proved so agile, powerful (the 1963 CB77 "Super Sport") and well-behaved that it easily outperformed many of its contemporaries with higher displacements. It was capable of 90 mph (140 km/h) without the rider having to lie flat on the tank. Some argue that the advent of the CB77 Superhawk was the beginning of the end to the British bike domination in the field of street and casual race motorcycles. The quality and reliability were far superior. The oil-tight engine, electric-starter and 180-degree crank-throws were also major factors in its succes

Honda CB77 1965 Twin cyl. type two engine ,305 cc
Esta "Super Hawk" fue encontrada en un campamento minero muy bien conservada; Ahora esta impecable

La mas antigua y favorita

This Harley 1926 "Peashooter"is the oldest piece and the star of the collection. It took me several years to restore.
Harley Davidson 1926 model 26-B 350 cc  350cc s.v.
Model was introduced in 1925 and it was mainly produced for the export market; it was the lowest price Harley at the time.
This model B is the luxury model with full electric lighting.
The machine is a nice  restoration and because of its rarity it is a sought-after model among vintage HD enthusiasts.